Sunday, June 12, 2011

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Okay, so I must admit...I'm a slacker. I feel like my time is so limited anymore, that I just don't have or better yet take the time to just sit and blog about the nonsense that goes on in my life. Is it really nonsense, chaos, or just plain bad karma or luck. Anyway you look at it, I suppose all of those things could be wrapped all together and tied neatly with a bow. Like I've said in the past though, I'd rather laugh at those crazy life circumstances, otherwise I'd either be crying all the time, in jail for killing someone or possibly in a ward somewhere for the mentally insane. Even though I do tend to get more curve balls thrown my way than the average Joe, I still feel as though I truly am a very lucky and blessed person.

To be honest I don't know when I even last blogged, so I will just start off with what has been going on new with my EVER so chaotic busy life since 2011. I am now taking the "real drug"; the newly (I still say new because late September of 2010 wasn't that long ago) approved first line of oral treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. Although I still like the name Fingolimod much better, I have to learn to like saying the brand name they gave it, which is Gilenya, especially since I may potentially be going out and about and speaking to others living with MS about my personal experience with this drug. If I do get to go out and share my story, I'll be sure to post about it.

Lets see...this year I can proudly say I have OFFICIALLY been RELAPSE FREE for an entire year since my first MS symptom in May of 1998. I cannot belive it, but it is the truth. I will be graduating this October...good Lord willing and the creek don't rise...with my Associates degree in Medical Assisting, which I am very proud of. Starting July 5th I will do my extern/intership and I am praying that I get placed somewhere I can truly learn what I went to school for and potentially get offered a job.

I have so much more I could tell, but then I would start to lose my two follower's attention so I better keep it brief..hehe! Like I've ended my posts/blogs in the the it can only happen to me category this week:

I am at school this past Thursday going to the restroom. I am trying to get some toilet paper and it is one of those neverending big rolls, how did they spin all that toilet paper onto one roll kind of rolls, and it would only allow me to roll off two squares of toilet paper. (I don't know about you...but I need more than two squares of ONE-PLY toilet paper to take care of business, regardless of what business it is). So, I pull as hard as I can, while sitting on the toilet and the dang roll falls out of its container onto the floor and went fly-rolling out from under the stall into the stall across from me. Of course, wouldn't you know that NOT A SINGLE PERSON was in the bathroom, which I now must admit, kind of glad about that. I started laughing so hard at the scene, if someone had either been in the bathroom with me or just walked in and seen that, that I could hardly breath. I did manage to reach under on the other side to grab a few more squares of toilet paper, so I could go back to class without damp underpants, whew! And I'll have you know that I did pick up that neverending roll of toilet paper and managed to securely put it back in place. I sure hope the next one to use that particular stall did not have the same unfortunate circumstance happen to them.

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  1. This is funny, well a nightmare to run out of toilet paper. This is just life with blogging and I have humor but cannot convey it on my blog?? I saw you at Brass and Ivory.