Friday, June 26, 2009

So many questions?

Thursday, June 18th: Get a call at 6:30pm from the nurse where my grandmother lives to inform me that she is unable/unwilling to get out of bed due to horrible leg pain. She is incontinent and has a call into the on-call doc to get her some pain meds. Come find out, this was going on since 9am that morning and why I wasn't called until 6:30 that evening is beyond me and had me LIVID! I had to go straight up there and pick up some pain meds on the way. She was sleeping and comfortable by the time I got there, which made me feel better, but still very upset that I wasn't notified earlier in the day. The nurse informed me that the doc would be coming in Friday to check on her and assess her condition and decide what to do. Got home late.

Friday, June 19th: I was up pretty early and went to be with my grandma and wait on the doc to visit. She didn't get over to see grandma until 12:30pm. In the meantime, I had to try and entertain my soon to be birthday girl, while tending to my grandmother. The doc was certain she had a fracture of the femur head and sent her right away to the ER for xrays and evaluation. In the meantime, I had to drop off my daughter at home, inform some family members, go to the store to get ingredients for her birthday dinner tomorrow and still needed to make her cheesecake. Long story short, no fractures, just severe osteoarthritis and probably sciatic nerve pain as well. Because she can no longer bare weight on her leg for transferring to the bed/toilet, etc. to her wheelchair, she'll need to be admitted to skilled nursing until she gets her strength back. I had a ton of paperwork to sign, had to transfer some clothes from her apartment to the skilled nursing unit (which is in the same building, thank goodness). Didn't get home until 8pm and had to make a cheesecake so it would be set up for little miss birthday girl the next day. Didn't get to bed until midnight and knew I had to get up and at 'em early next day. Talk about symptoms creeping in....oh boy! Oh and I forgot to mention, I agreed to watch my BFFs 6 month old dachshund/chihuahua for the week while they vacationed in Florida, which to say the least wasn't a great idea considering all that is going on. She's a cutie pie though, but EXTREMELY HIGH MAINTENANCE!

Saturday, June 20th...Birthday: Well, my now nine year old had a great day for her birthday. I made bacon for her that morning and then got 40 meatballs rolled, cooked and into the crockpot with marinara sauce. We went to the Indiana Art Museum and truly enjoyed looking at all the wonderful art. Afterwards, I finished up making her dinner and then company arrived. It was a nice small family birthday celebration. Despite all of the other chaos, it all worked out just fine.

The rest of the week: Monday was spent studying like a mad woman for finals, which I pulled off getting an A on both exams and finished the quarter up with a 97 in anatomy/physiology and a 98 in medical terminology. Tuesday was spent cleaning up dog urine in the morning, which I was not too happy about since she was outside for 25 minutes and then decided to come in and pee on my carpet. Afterwards, I was off to officially sign papers to fully admit my grandma into skilled nursing per her family physicians suggestion and orders. I was told I should have plenty of time to empty out her apartment. Wasn't an hour later I get a call saying the apartment had been sold and I had to have it empty by the 30th. So much for having plenty of time. Wednesday I took the kids to swim and then my daughter, sister in law and I went to Beef & Boards and saw Annie. It was a wonderful play and a wonderful all around day, but exhausting. Thursday, was catch up around the house and Cassie had friends over for most of the day.

Friday, Fingolimod 9 month check up: All went very well. My blood pressure was a little low and it took 4 sticks to draw blood, but for the most part things are going well, neurologist says I am in a mild flare. I kind of already knew this, but just kept hoping it was just the weather changes, stress, etc....

He believes the flare is currently attacking my spinal cord due to my current symptoms. I declined a round of IV steroids because I don't feel that bad and truly don't have time for them. I am going to try and wait it out.

Upcoming: Tomorrow will be spent taking a dog back home (woohoo, happy about that) going through my grandma's apartment and trying to figure out what can be transferred over to her nursing room (not too happy about that). All the rest will probably be donated. Have no idea what to do with her furniture, will probably donate that too. Sunday will be hopefully a nice day, but a busy one. Monday will be spent taking my grandmother to get a bone scan to try and figure out why she is in so much pain. Then on Tuesday I start back up my next quarter of school. I will also be taking on more hours at work starting the month of July. Cassie will be starting drama camp M-F 9a-12p for the entire month of July. Did I mention football camp starts then too? Like I said, welcome to my chaos and if it can happen, it will definitely happen to me.

Oh, one more thing......I fell again today, makes my 7th fall in the month of June alone. Gotta love Multiple Sclerosis, summer heat, tons of stress and drop foot!

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