Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time Flies....

Birthday Girl: My baby girl turns nine on Saturday. I can't believe she will be nine! Time sure does fly by. We are just having a family party. The menu will be meatballs in marinara sauce with rotini on the side, or make meatball sub sandwiches. (Have all the good Italian cheeses to go with it as well, yum!). Instead of a regular cake like most people, she has chosen a chocolate, chocolate chip cheesecake instead. I will be very busy on Friday making a ton of meatballs and a cheesecake. And just how do you put candles into a cheesecake without messing it up? Oh well, her birthday.

Father's Day: My father has been gone five years now, so this day is sad for me since I can no longer celebrate my father. All of my grandfather's are passed away as well, so that leaves all the attention to my father in law. He is a wonderful man! Plus my husband needs to be recognized for being a wonderful father to our two children. We don't have grand plans for this day since we'll just be celebrating a birthday the day before.

Final Exams: Monday are finals for my two classes. I am absolutely terrified! I have done so well in both classes, but fear the final in one, anatomy/physiology. I have retained a ton of information in Medical Terminology course, but for some reason I cannot retain much in anatomy/physiology. It hasn't helped that we have had such drastic weather changes, which in turn screws with my MS. I am literally exhausted all the time. Makes it very difficult to study when you can't stay awake and your mind is constantly wondering all the time. I swear I think I have ADD. I cannot concentrate at all right now. Of course, it also doesn't help that I have two children that need my constant attention and refereeing all the time.

Unemployment: My husband still has not found a job. This is by far the most discouraging and stressful thing we have been through in our almost fourteen years of marriage. It has been six months now. He is over qualified for most of the positions he is applying for, therefore, he can't get a break. I know the companies are afraid of hiring someone with all his experience out of fear that if a better paying job comes along they'll lose him, which wouldn't happen, especially if he enjoyed the job. Please pray that he finds a job that he likes soon, it is getting very tough in all aspects.

Fingolimod: I have been on this drug almost nine months now and have my nine month visit next Friday. I can't say that I am feeling 100%, but I can say that without a doubt I would be in worse shape MS wise without it. With all the stresses in my life, which MS doesn't like at all, I'd be on an IV drip of steroids as we speak. I can feel the pot a boiling and it is as though I have an attack coming on, but so far it is just simmering and I hope to keep it that way. I can deal with the increasing of old symptoms, but just no new stuff.

Well, hope everyone is doing well. I'll update next week after my appointment with the neurologist and study staff. Be well!

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