Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh Boy!

What a week already! We have had crazy weather. One day it is almost 90 degrees and so humid you can barely breathe, the next day it is 58 degrees, damp and rainy. Today it is a cool breeze, finally some sunshine, but only 63 outside and it is June 4th in Indiana. It is no wonder my Multiple Sclerosis is going haywire on me.

I have been dragging all week and when I say dragging, I literally mean......DRAGGING! It has been a while since I have had problems being able to pick up my right foot/leg, but this week it is turned inward and dragging, which makes it hard for walking. I "could" get one of those hideous drop foot braces (see picture below, so you can get the full effect) that just really pull your outfit together, but I'd prefer not to have a leg/foot brace tan line this summer, not to mention I can't wear an open toe shoe with one of those super sexy braces either. While washing up dishes yesterday afternoon, I was leaning up against the counter and almost fell because I started sliding sideways against the counter top and didn't even realize it until I was practically leaning to one side. What's up with that? I can place that one in my odd things that happen to a person with MS file.

Last night while in class, I lost my balance and fell into the table behind me. Not a hard fall, but one that freaked the last six people left in class out. I just hit the table with my elbow and came down with such grace to my knees and then into a squatting position. Took me a little while to get up, but I did, without any assistance......taking my bow....thank you very much! On the bright side, got a 100% on my test that night...woohoo!

Well, now onto the stupid prescription sunglasses....AGAIN! I picked up yet another pair and they just didn't seem like the ones I initially ordered. A lot bigger than the ones I remember and I mean A LOT BIGGER! I put them on and felt like I had on those enormously large clown glasses without all the make up , nice colorful outfit and wig. I thought, okay, I'll give them a try and pretend like I'm in Hollywood. One day while driving, one of the lenses pops out and of course scares the crap out of me. I thought, "you've gotta be kidding me!" I have been back three times already to get sunglasses and the place can't seem to get them right. So, today, I go back again and say, "I think I have given up on trying to get a decent pair of prescription sunglasses from your company and would just like to trade them in for regular frames/lenses with clip-on sunglasses". Something that should be super simple, turned into a forty-five minute wait and come find out they'll need to specially order my lenses due to my prescription. I just looked at the newly put in charge manager and said, "Of course you will, story of my life!" You know what that means......yet ANOTHER trip back to the eyeglass place.

One of these days, I will have some sort of simplicity, until then, I'll keep on blogging about my ongoing chaos.

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