Saturday, May 2, 2009

Always Something....

I am very new to blogging, but since I completely lost ten years of journaling when I switched out systems, I figured I'd let the world wide web lose it instead, so I can blame someone else and not feel like such a moron. A little about me:

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 7 years ago and hate that I lost a lot of that symptom and relapse history. That would have been useful in trying to finish a book I am working on. I promised my children I would try and write a children's book for those parents who are newly diagnosed to read to their young children. When I was diagnosed, not much was out there from a kids' perspective in explaining MS. I suppose I can start from scratch, hey how about that, I can actually do something over again? How many get to do that?

I started a drug study in October. It is a double blind placebo in which I get to literally be a guinea pig. I use to take shots and even tried monthly infusions with no success, so when this opportunity was made available to me, I took it. I thought, "heck, swallow a pill everyday instead of getting poked with sharp objects to help slow down my disease progression, count me in!" So far, I have done really well. I have had a few speed bumps that slowed me down in the beginning, but now I'm doing really well. I will probably post about that too, but mostly just the amusement I find in living out my daily life.

All jokes aside, well not really, because I will try and use this blog to describe what it is like for someone with my disease trying to raise a family, work part time and go back to school part time, all the while trying to keep from losing what is left of her mind. I try and find the humor in everything I do, because once I've calmed down after a crazy moment in life, I tend to laugh about it anyhow, because after can only happen to me!

You will soon find out why I chose this title and I hope you will get some laughs too.


  1. Jess, yay! I'm so glad you have a blog now...just think of all the money that will be saved on long distance telephone bills, eh?

    Welcome to the blogsphere!!

  2. Jess,
    Honey I miss seeing you and this is awesome . Thanks Anne for sending it to me.