Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So Forgetful....

Well, I have been studying like a mad woman for the past week for tests in my anatomy/physiology and medical terminology classes. Very condensed and a ton of information to learn in a very short amount of time. I swear I read the chapters like three times in the anatomy class and ended up getting a C on one and a B on the other one. It was like I drew a complete blank when those tests were put in front of me. On the second one (B), I thought I only missed one, but ended up missing four and was in complete shock.

Okay, so now comes the next two tests in medical term and I get a perfect score on those, go figure!! So weird how our brains can retain some things and all the other stuff just must fly out of our ears or something.

I realize I shouldn't complain about a C and a B, but for an almost 35 year old woman going back to school, I want to be an example for my kids and when I don't get an A, I feel like a failure. I shouldn't feel that way, but can't help it. I set high standards for them, therefore, I need to set high standards for me too. I suppose maybe I am being humbled, okay I accept, now allow my brain to function again please! (Think that will work?).

I find that as I get older, I am so much more forgetful. I want to kick my own ass for not applying myself more when I was in high school. I could cram for a test 10 minutes before the exam and ace it. Now I have to read things over and over and over and over. Heck I picked up an old magazine the other day and read an article that I thought was very good and didn't realize I had already read it until I was almost finished with it. Kind of scary eh?

And at last for the it can only happen to me category.....I was running late this morning for work and ending up spilling coffee all over my only clean and ironed pair of pants, which happened to be light in color. I truly do not have time to change, so off I go with my stained pants to work. On the way to work I realize that I have a "tide to go" pen in the van. Once I get to work, I am desperately trying to rub this stain out with the pen. I applied too much pressure and the tip breaks off and out spills all the solution onto my pants. Of course I now have a coffee stain and a huge wet spot on my pants. Once it dries, I realize it sure did get the stain out, along with the rest of where was once a light beige color. That spot is now super white, white. So instead of having a coffee stain I have a bleach spot. Should have just left it alone. The lesson learned here is don't use too much of the "tide to go" pen on your clothing. Or is it, don't press so hard to hurry the process along and break the tip of the pen off?

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